Transponder Chip Key Re-Programming

Transponder chip key is a device which is located in the car key, which while pressed sends signal to the car’s system. The car system in turn accepts the signal or say receives the signal and then the car is locked, unlocked or started. Without this transponder chip key, the car cannot be opened or started. So this key is very important. Sometimes this chip key looses its codes by some damage or loss of battery. Then if pressed, it doesn’t match the codes which were programmed earlier and the codes are not accepted by the car. This key then fails to unlock the car or even start the car.


We give you on the spot service for making another coded chip key for your car. We will not take much time performing this task as we have all modern equipments which are needed in making a transponder chip- key. Thus, we re-programme the key after cutting it exactly. And give it a new code for easy accessibility. We guarantee a trust worthy work. You will have no complaints from our side. We have a team of technicians which is always on the toes to help you out at any time and on any day because these problems are the most unexpected ones and need an immediate help.