Key Repair

Key repair means repairing a key which is damaged. There are many ways which leads to repairing of key. Sometimes key get inside the lock and doesn’t come out, key can be damaged by hitting anything hard, it can be broken, sometimes it doesn’t fit the lock, reason can be anything but solution is only one- call us.

Key Cuttings Company has people who are properly trained to make or repair the keys which are damaged and just cannot be used. There can be car keys which are damaged, home keys or office keys or it can also be safe or locker keys which will be very important for you. Don’t worry at all. We have key repair solutions for all types of keys. We have all tools which are useful for repairing the keys.

Key Cuttings assure you that the keys repaired by us will perfectly match the locks. If the key to be repaired is your car key, we have different tools for repairing it and there are different tools for repairing normal keys. We have a mobile van and all equipments are installed in the van so that there is less time consumed for repairing the keys and you get back to your work as early as possible.