Remote car key replacement

Now days, almost all cars come with a remote to lock and unlock the car. The remote is given a digital code which has a receiver located in the car’s locking device. When the button on the remote is pressed, the digital code matches the receiver and the car is locked or unlocked. To replace this type of key, there has to be a programming unit which will assemble the new code for the car. We at Key Cuttings have the apparatus with all modern technologies and all tools are well programmed to perform this task. Our technicians have the technical knowledge and are excellent at replacing these types of keys.

Our technicians use the standard way of replacing and making the new set of remote car keys so that there is easy access for the customers. Every car has its own unique code and our people give this code to the keys. Thus, resolving the key problem of the customers.


We believe in quality service and will give you the best quality product only. You can 100% rely on Key Cuttings Company for your remote car key replacement. We are available all 24 hours and you can call us on anytime of day or night.